Works of Art – by Aragorn

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A battery creates energy from the positive and the negative. The sun and the moon balance time. Simple, profound and universal truths that we all live by are often the food of Aragorn's thoughts. With characteristic 'joie de vie' Aragorn's art is a dedicated effort to harness the magic of opposing energy. His incessant doodles have become a visual language that he speaks with his hands, given form through scupture, design and print. It expresses a fascination with the constant dynamic between the forces of nature and culture.

A lifetime of movement between Europe and the Virgin Islands, between Babylon and the bush, have given Aragorn a role of the observer, offering him the privilege of both being and seeing, of creating art both within and out of modern society. The result is a discourse of opposites, often lavishly ornamental yet consciously naive, with subtle symbolism that seeks harmony for the eye and balance for the soul.

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